Hearing Loss In Men - Symptoms And Treatments

Hair Loss in Adult Men
Hair Loss in Adult Men

Hearing loss is a common disorder among adult men. Hearing loss occurs when the sensory nerves of the ears get damaged resulting to damaged cells that transmit sound waves to the brain. Statistics show as many as 35% of adult men over the age of 60 experience some kind of hearing loss, with more than 50% of adults above the age of 75 being men.

So, hearing loss among men is very common and it grows with age. Hearing loss has reasons behind it, since men tend to work more on noisier jobs and environments as compared to women. Its causes are detailed below and how it can be treated. However, hearing loss is an irreversible problem since the damage to hearing nerves is irreplaceable. Here we discuss hearing problems among young men too and what treatments are available.

How does it occur?

The ear cavity is a complex maze of cartilaginous tissues and mini-organs that transmit the sound waves to the brain in the form of sensory signals. At the interior ear, an eardrum vibrates that makes us aware of all the sounds around us buy transmitting sensory signals to the brain. When any of these organs in the ear or the nerves connecting the ear to the brain undergo any damage, then there is a loss to hearing capacity.

Hearing loss is generally observed in older men as age affects the sensory nerves connecting the ear. However, there are also additional disorders and medical conditions that affect hearing capacity, for example, sinuses, migraines and vertigo.

Symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss has the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty hearing clear speech, even in a quiet environment.
  • Mumbling or slurring speech even if the speaker is speaking clearly.
  • Inability to hear ugh pitched noises while retaining the capacity to hear loud noises.
  • Confusing noises when in a closed environment.

So, if you experience any of the above symptoms or are unsure if you’re having a hearing loss, visit an ear specialist before it gets worse.

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss is caused due to following factors:

  • Ultra noisy, loud environments.
  • Noise pollution.
  • History of using noisy tools and equipment.
  • Not using safety equipment like earmuffs when operating weapons and arms.
  • Not avoiding noisy environments.
  • Certain medical conditions like sinuses, headaches, vertigoes and meningitis.
  • Certain medications.
  • Tinnitus, a hearing disorder.

Treatments and home remedies

Hearing loss is thus a general disorder that is caused to exogenous factors rather than medical factors. Considering this, hearing problems also have no permanent treatments since neurological damage is irreversible. However, certain practices should b present prevent hearing loss, like:

  • Wear earmuffs when using a noisy machine like a lawnmower, electric saw, drills and weapons.
  • Avoid regular contact with noisy environments, busy streets and chaotic meet ups.
  • Turn down the volume of your mp3 player.
  • Research shows men who smoke have twice the risk of developing hearing problems because of disruption in blood supply. So, cut it out with those cigarettes.

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